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Chicago Architecture River Cruise Trip

The best way to start your trip in Chicago is with a tour down the river, learning about the history and architecture of the buildings. If the weather’s nice, there’s no better way to be introduced to the city!! Another option is to just walk along the river and take in the grandeur of the […]

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Savvy ideas about where to go in April or May

When it comes to travelling, April or May is a classic in-betweener. Across most of the globe, it’s neither summer nor winter, high season nor low season, dry season nor monsoon season. Wondering where to go for the best place to take your vacation in April or May? This time is for spring and best […]

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Great Destinations For A Cultural Travel Experience

People travel for different reasons. Some travel with the intention of doing nothing besides laying on the beach for a week or to check something off from a bucket list. Others travel to immerse themselves in a foreign culture. For travelers, we’ve rounded up best destinations for cultural travel. Tuscany, Italy While there is no […]

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The world’s most romantic destinations

Romance is in the air and the world is filled with stunning destinations for the perfect romantic getaway… Are you planning to escape with your loved one? If you are, we have a few suggestions for you! The Seychelles Seychelles is known for its quixotic beauty and monumental luxury. Considered to be a play field […]

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