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Why you should visit Morocco

Morocco, a country with bewildering diversity situated in Northern Africa is a home to ancient cities, mountain ranges, deserts, and warm hospitality. While retaining its ancient architecture and traditional customs it is becoming an emerging tourist destination for people all around the world. https://dreamtrippro.com/ arranges the tour for the tourist to explore this wonderful place. 


 This city has the largest Medina topping the charts of places to visit in Morocco. Being the most popular destination to visit, it is a mixture of vibrancy, colors, history that charms all visitors on their visit here. It gives you the feeling of selfishness to explore more of the city with its old towns, tanneries, spices, jewelry, and aroma of food.

To experience its authenticity, go crazy as you shop and stay in the souks and riads, respectively. Sitting at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh has a very bustling nature that gives a vibe of the local life. Lose yourself into a world of vendors, night markets, traditional music and maze pathways and alleys.



Known as the 1200year old Maghreb city, Fes is an ultimate hotspot for culture and tradition since it has been the imperial capital for 400 plus years. In this medieval city, you will be surrounded with century old towns and the famous Merenid tombs that are stunning. Exploring the heart of this city is recommended to be done on foot.

Fes El Bali, as the entire name goes, will have you admiring olden doors and fine work making them the perfect background for photos. However, there are tanneries here that stink, but tourists do not mind the stench. Fes is also an epitome of religion and is recognized by UNESCO for its historical architecture. To visit this amazing architectural monument, book the tour with https://dreamtrippro.com/.



A small town by the seaside, Essaouira pays tributes to stars like Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix who used to hang out here, via colorful murals. Blessed with quaint harbor, it is a tiny beautiful coastal town that gives you the hippie vibes dating back to the 70’s.

Explore the stately fort, colorful fishing boats, red-blue painted houses, and minor lanes of this old town. Located along the Atlantic coast of Morocco, this town boasts of kitesurfing and best quality of seafood in the restaurants. Every June, this seaside town hosts the 3day Gnaoua World Music Festival. Do not forget to explore the town’s ramparts.



Rabat is the capital city of Morocco. It is divided into Old Town and New Town. While New Town has shopping areas and open roof bars and cafes, Old Town boasts of traditional souks and marketplaces where you can bargain. It gives a more historical vibe with its painted walls and is quite busy than New Town.

A must see here is Chellah- to explore some stunning ancient Roman ruins with https://dreamtrippro.com/. Rabat is present in the heart of the city but in distance, it is miles away from the actual city. Make sure to visit the capital and most popular city of Rabat today and marvel at its tranquil beaches, palaces, and museums.



This city is popularly known as the blue city of Morocco located in the Rif Mountains. All the houses here are painted in a blue color giving a surreal feeling, not only to photographers and artists but to one and all. You can view the mountains from every corner in the streets.

The iconic look gives visitors quite a photogenic scene in this large landscape. Roam the alleys of Medina as you take in the unique blue architecture, especially in the Outa el Hammam square. This is a very peaceful town that keeps you away from the bustling life found in the cities.

Here, you also get a  chance upon to visit the local arts, souvenirs and handicrafts and the surrounding hillsides have great opportunities for hiking and even swimming for adventure lovers and they can get it booked at https://dreamtrippro.com/



If you want to find modernity in Morocco, the only place that can offer you that is the city of Casablanca. It is filled with beautiful Moroccan styled buildings, with a touch of French design during the colonial times. The overall Arabic Moroccan style is something worth admiring. Having delicious cuisine and architecture to add to its merits, Casablanca should be on your list of places to visit in Morocco.

The nightlife here is dazzling along with the dining. Easily tour the city with https://dreamtrippro.com/  in a tramway. Do not forget to visit the famous tourist attractions here like Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca Twin Center and the King’s Palace filled with Islamic architecture.



Asilah is a very charming tourist destination because it is filled with vacationers throughout the year. This place showcases its ramparts with Portuguese history dating back to the 15th Asilah is considered as a jewel of Morocco because of its beautiful white painted buildings, lovely coastline, and colorful murals on the city walls.

 It is located to the northern coast of the Atlantic and the seaside beaches are filled with holidaymakers during summer months. In July, musicians and performers arrive here to attend the annual arts festivals and book your tickets to this amazing show with https://dreamtrippro.com/. It makes a good destination for a honeymoon. A good visit here is to the famous art gallery named Aplanos.



It is the main passage for entry to those coming from the south of Europe to Africa by sea. The main attractions to see here is the medina, Kasbah museum and Ville Nouvelle, a French inspired scene.

There are many lovely beaches here a little away from the city and from the harbour you can see the Strait of Gibraltar and even Spain from a distance. This city is also home to plenty of bohemian cafes and bars. It has helped to be an inspiration for popular creations like Naked Lunch (William Borroughs) and Sheltering Sky (Paul Bowles).


Dades Valley

This valley runs between the mountain ranges of the High Atlas and Jebel Sarhro offering spectacular scenery views. It is filled with Berber villages which is best traveled to on foot. This valley has cliffs that range from a mild orange to a deep red reaching height as tall as 1500ft high. But the highlight is when you arrive at the amazing Todra Gorge, a 300ft deep split in the valley.

 As you tread on foot, you can stop and take breaks at traditional forts, now which are tuned into luxury hotels. Hiking, trekking and nature with https://dreamtrippro.com/  here is in majority along with bird watching, which is also done here.



Meknes city is home to the Sultan’s mausoleum which is the biggest attraction here. It was the old capital of Morocco during the 17th century when the Sultan ruled. The nature here is quite laidback making it a more relaxed destination for travelers away from the daily hustle.

The main attraction is the Volubilis, partly excavated ruins of the Roman city, capital of ancient Mauretania. It is fascinating to watch these ruins and should not be missed by none, especially history lovers. This imperial city in the north is very charming because of its medina with souks filled with carvings and architecture. There is other must visit attractions here like the Royal Stables, Bab Mansour Gate and Museum of Moroccan Art, also called Dar Jamai.


When you choose to visit Morocco do not forget to book the tour with https://dreamtrippro.com/  to get the experience of the lifetime to treasure upon.  

Top Hidden Gems to Visit In New York


Every year, millions of visitors from all over the world plan their trip to New York with https://dreamtrippro.com/to explore attention-grabbing attractions like the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, and Central Park. World-class museums, beautiful art galleries and impressive shows on Broadways keep culture enthusiasts engaged all through their stay. Exotic stores and malls draw shopaholics from far and wide, and the restaurant serves delectable dishes for food lovers.


But there is more to New York than the famous tourists’ sites and attractions. Many of the hidden gems in New York, though they may not be as popular, offer no less intriguing experience. Here is a list of New York City’s best-kept secret – recommended by locals in the know


1. The Morgan Library

The Morgan Library-new-york


The Morgan Library is one of the most beautiful places in NYC. Initially, the library was built for private use by financier Pierpont Morgan and his son, J.P. Morgan. However, it was later transformed into a public institution. The personal study is a must-see – It has an outstanding design.

If you love reading books, you can plan a trip to the Morgan Library with, the most https://dreamtrippro.com/reliable travel resource online. Also, the Library features temporary exhibitions. If you’re lucky enough, you might see Lincoln Speaks, an exhibition showcasing how the words of Abraham Lincoln transformed history.



2. Tenement Museum

Tenement Museum-new-york


Yes, New York is home to several fabulous museums but one that’s a standout yet less popular is the Tenement Museum. This hidden gem is a place to learn more about the stories of refugees and immigrants who began life afresh on the Lower East Side. The story dates back to the 19th century.  The Tenement Museum is made up of two historic Orchard Street buildings that have accommodated no less than 15,000 people from different parts of the world.


3. Randall’s Island

Randalls Island-new york

One of New York’s best kept secret that keeps locals and visitors amazed is the Randall’s Island. Travelers looking to explore Randall’s Island can begin by planning their trip with.https://dreamtrippro.com/Located just off Manhattan in the East River, this island plays host to several big marquee events including the famous Governors Ball Music Festival.

Here you will find bird and butterfly sanctuaries as well as well-manicured wildflower gardens. The playgrounds and picnic areas make this urban oasis a perfect spot for families. Sports enthusiasts are also not left out. Randall features lots of tennis courts, athletic field, miniature golf courses and a driving range.


4. Museum of Ice Cream

Museum of Ice Cream-new York


In a city home to several colorful state-of-the-art museums, there’s one that visitors hardly know exist and it’s one of the best in the city. The Museum of Ice Cream provides an interactive and enjoyable experience.  Cool off during a hot summer afternoon in a river of sprinkles, take a stroll through the beautifully designed chocolate room and enjoy the great taste of the big ice cream sundae.

Many visitors who come here, particularly kids never want to leave. However, the Museum of Ice Cream has no specific location and the best way to know their next location is to sign up for their newsletter. This way, you’ll be the first to know where they are located next summer. It’s worth visiting if not for anything but for the ice cream sampling opportunities.


5. Joe’s Pub

Joes Pub- New York


Want to see the best talents showcase their skills in New York City? If yes, then head for Joe’s Pub. There is no other place to be. From jazz to great dance performance and comedy, this club is a place to find raw talent including upcoming and renowned artists. In fact, bother Adele and Amy Winehouse started their careers here. Other world class performers that had lit the stage include Lady Gaga, David Byrne and Leonardo Cohen, just to name a few

The pub features fantastic sight lines, superior acoustics and a friendly atmosphere. If you’re looking for the right place to impress your partner and enjoy some romantic time, check out Joe’s Pub. The best part is that you can get to your destination conveniently and in a less stressful way when you plan your trip with.https://dreamtrippro.com/


6. Conservatory Garden of Central Park


It can be funny to say that the Central Park is one of the most popular attractions in New York City drawing millions of visitors annually, yet only a small percentage feel the urge to go further northward where the Conservatory Garden lies. Spanning about six acres, the gardens showcase European landscaping traditions. It is a beautiful serene place and best of all less crowded.

As odd as it may sound, the Conservatory Garden of Central Park attracts more birds than visitors. If you are still in doubt, then book your next trip to NYC with but https://dreamtrippro.com/make sure you visit the gardens. The garden is divided into ornate zones names the French, English and Italian gardens.


7. Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park-New York


Washington Square Park is a favorite gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. Here you will see plenty of performers including upcoming and renowned artists displaying their skills. The fountain and marble arch designed in honor of George Washington set the stage for the performers, instrumentalists, singers and many more.

What’s more? You can catch stunning views of the Empire State Building. Just look northward along Fifth Avenue and behold the magnificent site. While the Freedom Tower in Lower Manhattan is to the south.


8. Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland-New York


Another hidden gem in New York is Alice and Wonderland. This is a perfect location for a family getaway. This is a place where all your childhood dreams come true. With. https://dreamtrippro.com/you can’t miss out on the fun Alice and Wonderland in Central Park have to offer. The March Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, the March Hare, the Dormhouse and Alice will make your stay in this beautiful tourist spot worth it.


New York is a traveler’s favorite. As a matter of fact, it is a dream destination for travelers in other parts of the world. Not many people have had the opportunity of visiting NYC. But do you know you can discover these hidden gems in New York City for less when you book withhttps://dreamtrippro.com/ Well, now you know. Get the most of your trip to NYC with us.







Many Middle Eastern countries have been known for immense beauty and rich culture that has resonated through the whole continent. One of those countries is Lebanon and it is safe to say that it is a purely magnificent country to be in. Beirut is Lebanon’s largest and the most culturally and archaeologically rich city to be in. There are many gorgeous cities in the world that would not leave you with a prominent impact on your mind and Beirut is not one of them. The country’s socioeconomic structure has dangling about for many years but Beirut is one of the cities that have stood strong against the many threats and instabilities that it has faced and continues to flourish and take it’s visitors by a surprise. If you don’t believe us, see for yourself. Here are 10 reasons why you should pack your bags, book your best deals at www.dreamtrippro.com and head over to Beirut for a time of your life;

More For You To Learn

The city is drenched in cultural and historical beauty. Walking along the path one enjoys mosaics from Byzantine Empire, public baths from the Roman empire, mosques, ancient underground passageways, cathedrals and the ruins from the Ottoman and Canaanite empires. You can spend a whole day at the Beirut National Museum and explore the many archaeological wonders, read about the history. Everything just seems much more fascinating once you’ve read about it.

The Overall Atmosphere

Beirut holds steady with a different vibe. Having seen and gone through periods of war and peace, it’s a very interesting walk down its streets with people resembling pure and raw emotions. The spirit of the people is still alive and their hearts still beating, you find a lot many things happening in the city just with a simple stroll down a lane.




The Amazing Hotels

If you want some high class living with luxurious food, book your rooms at Le Gray which is a luxurious hotel comprising of around 87 rooms, with impeccable service and a class apart interior décor. If you’re looking for some high class, more futuristic aesthetics for your Instagram maybe, then O Monot is the best place for you.





A Foodie’s Heaven

One of the most delicious foods you have had are probably from the Lebanese cuisine and before going to Beirut I suggest you go on a little diet to shed some pounds because you’ll gain those right back. Any or every piece of Lebanese food you have eaten in your country, it’s hands down way better in Lebanon where it’s originally from. The amazing Middle Eastern flavors in your food really spice up the dish. Famous Lebanese dishes like fattoush, hummus, za’atar and falafel (yes falafel is Lebanese, who knew?) are rich in their flavors and tingle your taste buds. One of the best places you simply have to visit is Abdel Wahab, Babel and EmSherif. If you are a fussy eater and prefer any other cuisine, then that is easily available as well. Go all in.




The Beaches

Beautiful and amazingly breathtaking beaches for those of you, who want to enjoy their time in the sun, bathe in it and get that gorgeously beautiful tan and glow. If you feel weird about the public beaches there are beach clubs that give you beautifully colored cerulean sea and sand at your disposal. One of the famous one is Edde Sands, Madame Bleu and Lazy B that has its own spas, restaurants, a number of pools and daybeds. These places offer an amazing poolside with some deliciously mouthwatering food that you can enjoy as you bathe in the sun and let your tan set in.




The Night Life

The locals in Beirut have a free spirit that yearns for a breath of fresh air and to feel free, like the wild animal within them. Beirut has a number of nightclubs with the same 60’s vibe that gets you crazy on your feet and shows those sassy moves. The parties are amazing just like its people. The Skybar, Vivid Bar Lounge, Iris,and White are one of the few most happening places where you can go to a party and meet with a lot of interesting people. There are special spots for you to sit and be mesmerized by the gorgeous sunrise.


The Night Life


Taste amazing wine

One of the world’s oldest wine producing countries is Lebanon and the grapes have been transformed into beautiful nectar for many years and as of late the wine producing industry has bloomed over the years. The most known region is the Beqaa Valley where you can drink Lebanese wine which includes the Provencal-style rosé even at most restaurants. If you want an on ground more wholesome experience and take your time with the wine, go on a long wine trip and tasting with a tour at the beautiful serene grounds of Ixsir.


Taste amazing wine


Shop Traditional

If you have always wanted to look for those antique or traditional styles bags, dresses and shoes then this is your perfect change. You’ll see many handcrafted bags and dresses especially the kaftan that is beautifully stitched along with some interior décor by famous local designers. If you are in for the mood for something you are familiar with then brands like Zara and Chanel are also there at Le Mall and many shops around the city where you can spend hours after hours looking for things you like and basking in the beauty of Lebanon’s traditional Heritage.


Shop Traditional



The Art and Culture

Since Beirut has its feet dipped into a cultural and historical diversity it would be a foolish thing to believe that Beirut’s art is somehow lagging behind. The artists, writers,and musicians are everywhere you go. You may even find humungous projects and art pieces made by local artists that would take your breath away. Its wars have not managed to deprive them of the art and history that is in their veins. Lebanon has set on the path of open-mindedness and the reflects in its art as well


The Art and Culture


The Adventurous trips

Beirut’s geographical location sets it in the middle of the coastline which means that you will find multiple water sports activities including paragliding or motor boating. If you want to book a car for the day and head off to discover the city then that’s a spending option.

The Adventurous trips

All in all, Beirut is a wonderful travel destination filled with wonderful surprises and many adventures that await you. A rich culture with its exciting historical background including architectural and natural beauty and some deliciously excellent food that will taste even better once you are surrounded by Lebanon’s rich heritage. Book your flights and exciting travel plans today at www.dreamtrippro.com



One of the most attractive tourist destinations for more than a century, Niagara has been one of the most talked about places and it definitely deserves the hype.

The Niagara Falls and the attractions that encompass them reliably rank as best travel goals for families and guests from around the globe. For every kid here who was experiencing childhood in Ontario, Niagara Falls was the required day trip goal and a favorite spot of all, to wonder about and appreciate the numerous activities in Niagara Falls.

Regardless of whether it’s getting splashed on a fly pontoon, seeing the unbelievable Falls from all directions, having a ton of fun with water sports or viewing a skit of the War of 1812, here are the best 7 activities one can do and enjoy with family at the Niagara Falls and itssurrounding district.

For more information for your next trip, check www.dreamtrippro.com


The Niagara Falls

The last Ice Age was some 1800 years ago and The Falls were made as a legacy that, despite everything, they have the ability to move people, filling them with a new sense of serenity and peacefulness. The Falls convey a motivating exhibit of the crude energy of nature. Every summer, more than 6 million cubic feet of water goes over the Falls and you can hear the thunder of the Falls even before you set your first look on it. There is a wonderful green shade or hue in the Niagara River that is the result of the many deposited minerals that have broken down into little pieces and limestone that pass over to the Falls each day. The site is definitely breathtaking.

If you see the Falls from the Canadian side, it is called the Horseshoe Falls which is apparently due to its shape. You can even follow the pathway along to really see it closely; you might even want to hang on to the railing and see through the beautiful mist but be cautious around children


The Niagara Falls

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The Journey

If you are interested in historical events then Canada isn’t short of them, book your best trip guides with www.dreamtrippro.com to get the best of the best and  love the fascinating and illuminating take on the historical events that lead to the creation of the Falls. Slip on a yellow rain protective poncho; descend down 150 feet of height and into the tunnels that lead you behind the falls. You get to know all interesting and mind-boggling facts related to Niagara including the daredevils who dared to walk through The Falls. As you walk out and onto the lower deck you get a magnificent view of The Falls from below that absolutely takes your breath away.


The Boat Tour

Whether you’re with your family, alone or with a couple of friends, the Hornblower Niagara Falls boat tour is truly an exciting ride. It takes you past the American side of the falls and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. You will definitely be overwhelmed by the intensity of the water, the never-ending mist and if you’re lucky you might even see a rainbow or two. The ride lasts a total of 30 minutes but gives you an experience of a lifetime.


The Boat Tour

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Niagara’s Fury

Fun for kids and adults equally, a very thrilling and new experience, Niagara’s Fury is an animated 4D multi sensory show that teaches kids how the Ice age formed the Niagara. The experience is very lifelike as water is sprayed on the audience with multiple temperature changes to really give that chilly effect. The total animated presentation lasts for up to 8 minutes and another 6 minute Fury show just brings all smiles to the faces. Be sure to hold on to that poncho, there is going to be a lot of water sprayed on you.


Niagaras Fury


Skylon Tower

You’ve seen it from far beside, and far down below so now it’s time for the best seats in the house. The Skylon Tower offers a fantastic view of the Falls from above including the skyline. You can look as far as Toronto and Buffalo, the deck also lets you take 360 degree photographic images of the entire scenery. Not just that there are restaurants for fine dining, movie theaters and a fun and play center. There’s all for everyone. To get the latest deals and avail the absolute best opportunities and prices, head over to www.dreamtrippros.com and get everything to suit your needs.


Skylon Tower

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The Whirpool Fun

You will get many opportunities enjoy and have the maximum amount of fun. The aero cars there give you an hour-long ride over the Niagara River and let you see fantastic views like the whirlpool and the Gorge. If you are a photographer you better hold on to it tightly or wrap it around your wrist or your neck because things tend to get pretty serious with the high tides.

 Speaking of whirlpools, the aero cars won’t fully satisfy the daredevils and thrill seekers so for them, it’s important they check all packages from www.dreamtrippro.com and don’t miss out on the Whirlpool jet boat that will give you one of the most intensely amazing and satisfying experiences of your life. The jet boat power throws the river currents at a 60mph speed and soaks you up completely so don’t forget your ponchos. The rides are even safe for children.


The Whirpool Fun


The Butterfly Conservatory

Taking a little break from the water soaked fun, the grounds of Niagara Falls contain an immensely beautiful butterfly conservatory that lets you view and walk around among the many tropical insects (Around 2000). Located in the botanical gardens, the conservatory is a great place for the kids to learn and the adults to take in some serene beauty and not to mention the countless opportunities for the avid photographers. You can take your time roaming around the paths and counting all the different species you see and check how many you could find. (a playful hint, there are only 45). More details on


The Butterfly Conservatory

9 Things Unique to The Philippines

Home to more than 7000 magnificent islands, the Philippines is one of the underrated travel destinations in Southeast Asia. However, the country is blessed with plenty of white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, impressive waterfalls and gorgeous rice fields.

The Philippines culture is a blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Regardless of the cultural influences, the Philippines offer its uniqueness in its lifestyle. Here are some of the things unique to the Philippines

1. Jeepney

Book your trip with DreamTripPro!

Jeepney is acclaimed the “king of the road” in the Philippines. It is, without doubt, the country’s most widely used public utility vehicle, modified from the US military jeeps which date back to WWII. Start your tour of the city with a ride on this beautifully decorated bus while sitting right next to a local. It is a great way to get up close with locals. There is no better way to get a feel of the country than by riding in a Jeepney


2. Tamaraw


Declared as one of the critically endangered species on earth since 2000, the tamaraw or the Mindoro dwarf buffalo is the only bovine that originates from the Philippines. In the early 1900s, the Tamaraws were estimated to be a little above 10,000.  Sadly, the total population of the species has dropped significantly hence the tag critically endangered. 

A closer look at the picture and you’ll think its part of the carabao family, but that’s way off the mark. The Tamaraw’sdistinctive features can be seen in the unique markings on its faces and shorter, V-shaped horn.


3. Tarsier


With its extremely big eyes, which can be compared to the size of its brain, the Philippine tarsier is one of the smallest primates in the world, measuring no more than 15cm. And since it’s carnivorous in nature, tarsiers main menu include lizards, insects,and even birds. In the Philippines, you’ll find a large concentration of tarsiers in the southeastern islands of Bohol, Leyte, Mindanao,and Samar.

Being nocturnal, these animals are most active when it’s dark. And at this time, the massive eyes come in handy in enhancing night vision for a great prey hunting escapade.  Naturally, tarsiers are shy and they try as much as possible to avoid contact with humans. To learn more about the tarsiers, plan your trip to the Philippines with DreamTripPro and take a guided tour of the Philippine Tarsier Foundation in Corella, Bohol.


4. Rice

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One of the best delicacies in the Philippines is rice. It is a part of the Philippine culture. Funny enough, some households serve rice for breakfast, lunch,and dinner. Sounds weird, isn’t it? Well, that’s to tell you how much love they have for rice. No food is complete without rice.  The increased importance of rice in the country’s food culture has given rise to an organization such as the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice), a government corporate entity created to guarantee a rice-secure Philippine.

Another distinct feature that shows rice has its root in the culture and traditions of the Philippines is the Banaue Rice Terraces, a unique heritage site by UNESCO. Dating back over 2000 years ago, the rice terraces in Banaue are frequently called the “Eight Wonders of the World”. Renowned for being one of the hidden gems in the Philippines, it is believed that the terraces were built by hand. These hand-made terraces are the rice bowl of the region and an attraction worth visiting.


5. Sinarapan

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Recognized as one of the world’s smallest fishes with an average length of 12 mm, the Sinarapan is found only in the Philippines, endemic to Lakes Buhi and Bato in Camarines Sur, along the Bicol River system. It is characterized by large black eyes and transparent body.However, the fish is currently going into extinction due to overexploitation and predation by introduced fish species.


6. Kawa Hot Bath


When it comes to relaxing and unwinding, then you should try the Kawa Hot Bath in Tibiao. Getting into a water-filled giant metal wok with fire underneath might sound crazy, but it is one of the most relaxing things to do in Tibiao, Panay Island. Don’t be scared – nobody is getting cooked.

Back in the days, Kawas served as traditional cooking pots for refining sugar in large quantities. Nowadays, they have been reincarnated into a rustic island-style hot tub. The tubsare filled with water and heated up with real fire. Surprisingly, the water is never overheated – it maintains just the right temperature to give you a refreshing hot bath.

The bath is best enjoyed after some adventurous activities such as ziplining over the TibiaoRiver or exploring the nearby BugtongBato Falls. Furthermore, the kawas offers you amazing view of the surrounding environment including the river.


7. Hobbit House

Hobbit House


Founded in 1973, the Hobbit House is the world’s weirdest themed restaurants entirely staffed by midgets. Located in Ermita, the Hobbit House was inspired by “Lord of the Rings”, a book authored by Tolkiens. The interiors are beautifully decorated with candles and beautiful paintings. Here you’ll also find some of the world’s smallest waiters. It comes as no surprise to say no other place in the world caters to people affected by dwarfism than the Philippines


8. Waterfall Restaurant


Dining over crystal clear spring waters running over your bare feet with a rushing waterfall as the backdrop is indeed an experience many will kill for. Located at the foot of the Labasin waterfalls, the restaurant offers you endless fun in the water. Get wet while you enjoy great tasting local cuisines such as lumpianggulay, ensalada with bagoong, and gourmet seafood.

And if you don’t want to get wet, pitch your seats a few distances away from the waterfalls with your feet still soaked in the flowing waters. You can’t escape that Asides dining and getting wet, there are other great activities nearby including bird watching, bamboo rafting or exploring nearby villages in an ox-drawn jeepney. Certainly, an experience you should never miss 


9. Snake Massage

Snake Massage


Of course, you’ve been allowed to feed animals in zoos and play with water creatures like dolphins at theme parks but how about getting a full body massage from a python. The Philippines offers visitors a chance to enjoy great body massage with pythons as their masseuse. Want to try? Then visit the Davao Crocodile Park.

At first, you’d be asked to lie on a mat while specialized professionals place pythons of different sizes including an Albino Burmese python weighing about 30 kg on you. The snakes glide all over your body just like a professional masseuse. After the massage therapy, you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 


All in all, the Philippines has much more to offer. To discover the hidden wonders of the island, plan your trip with DreamTripPro, the most reliable travel company. Search and book hotel, accommodation, flights, and many more to the Philippines for less.


Virgin Gorda beaches and lobsters

This is the second leg of a truly fun week. There are adventures to get each morning when we land somewhere else, but also fun time on the boat itself.


The Club Med 2 has an open bar. Yes, that means free flow of pretty good things…all day long. So being on a French boat, you have Ricard for aperitif at lunch time if you are on the boat at lunch time…and pina colada by the pool before sunset, and obviously wine during meals. We are in the North Hemisphere end of November, so sunsets are early at around 5.30pm each day…with some pretty cool views from the swimming pool bar on the back deck. By 6pm, it’s champagne time…all night long. Well, first it’s shower time and getting change for the evening obviously…this is still a French place! And as we all now that mixing different alcohol drinks is not a great idea, I found a fun group of people ready to go on the champagne all night long, each evening, for great and fun time! More in the next entries of this truly fun group of people.

Little warning, Club Med 2
Club Med 2Club Med 2
Club Med 2
is French, and it feels. Out of the 280 guests on the boat this week, I don’t think a single one doesn’t speak at least some French. It would be a pretty boring week if you can only speak English here…and as you may be aware…French people living in France suck when it comes to speak something else than French. You’ve been honestly warned!

So this morning, it’s BVI time. No I’m not coming for business here. And BVI doesn’t only stand for offshore companies…it does too stand for gorgeous beaches, yachts, and British Virgin Islands. We have sailed all night long from Dominica…Dominica is Commonwealth and poor….BVI is British Territory and pretty wealthy.

I spent my day with Thierry….same age as me, and ready to have some fun this week. Because at the end of the day we know you don’t find single ladies in their thirties on these cruises…we knew we would need to get organized to do something else than read our books! Didn’t do my homework about Virgin Gorda. I kew the diving was average, and that the cruise had a BBQ lunch of lobster organized for us on the
Lobster time…Lobster time…
Lobster time…
beach! So we took a “beacher” with the intention to simply go on the beach for the morning.


There was a shuttle to “a” beach rented for the morning by Club Med. We set next to the rasta driver…yeah man…and he dropped us on the way. That was off-plan, completely out of the blue! It was time for us to go explore the National Park of “The Baths”. This is some kind of a National Park…it is a series of beaches separated by granite rocks. I first felt in the Seychelles…before finding myself rather in some kind of adventure hike for teenagers ready to have some serious fun. Wow, that place is amazing!

We spent the all morning going from beach to beach and climbing those huge rocks…even getting lost on deserted beaches as wandering if we were only on the right trail. The water was beautiful and warm….the yachts were around, it was just plain full fun…simple!

We made our way back to the Club Med beach, just on time for the last shuttle. Good idea, as we had no idea where the BBQ was, and the ride back to
Little pina colada by the pool…Little pina colada by the pool…
Little pina colada by the pool…
the landing point of the cruise was quite a walk away. Lobster BBQ! That simply cannot be bad just by the way it sounds. It was another of these…free flow of rose wine…of salad, and yes, of lobster too! The sun was there, at the end of the lunch…our faces ended the same color as the lobsters on the grill….but one more time…fun it was!

Back on the boat before the crowds for a good nap and some swimming pool time. Not that 280 guests makes you feel crowded on such a huge sail boat…but queueing is simply really not our thing.

Another really fun night was awaiting us…and a short sail to the land of Uncle Sam…or pretty close to this actually, for another fun adventure…on which I will have to write pretty soon!