When it comes to travelling, April or May is a classic in-betweener. Across most of the globe, it’s neither summer nor winter, high season nor low season, dry season nor monsoon season. Wondering where to go for the best place to take your vacation in April or May? This time is for spring and best time to wondering the world!

Uluru and the Red Centre, Australia

If you’re planning on stargazing or sitting out for a unique ‘Sounds of Silence Dinner’ (which we highly recommend!), April is a winner. The searing heat of the summer has already subsided, hotel rates haven’t switched over to peak season and it’s still possible to eat al fresco in the evenings. Perfect.  There are dozens of ways to experience the wonder of Uluru – whether you’re after a self-drive adventure or a luxury glamping retreat.

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Sri Lanka

April is as close to perfection as it comes when planning a trip to Sri Lanka, with decent weather practically across the board. The beaches to the East and the West are both still bright with sunshine, the Cultural Triangle will be dry and, while the rolling tea highlands of Kandy might see a little rain, the monsoon is far from full pelt.

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The Easter rush has died down but the Caribbean sun is still shining, making it a very canny time to visit Cuba. Book a trip, see the sights and then stretch out on a tropical beach with a slightly smug mojito. It will be the best place to go with family and enjoy the sight.

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The Deep South, USA

Forget Paris, it’s all about Texas in springtime! The Deep South is quickly becoming an ‘it’ destination – especially for foodies and music fans – and April is a perfect time to plan a road trip.

Peninsular Malaysia

If you’re after some April sun, make a beeline for Peninsular Malaysia. While various parts of Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia will be bucketing it down, both the East and West Coasts of Peninsular Malaysia will be sunny, making a lovely monsoon loophole.

The Galapagos Islands

April or May is a brilliant time to set sail in these islands, with calm seas, good underwater visibility and warmer water. If you’re planning to snorkel or dive, you won’t do better than April. It’s also quiet season for tourists, driving prices down and making it easier to find bargains on cruises and island-hopping tours.