Morocco, a country with bewildering diversity situated in Northern Africa is a home to ancient cities, mountain ranges, deserts, and warm hospitality. While retaining its ancient architecture and traditional customs it is becoming an emerging tourist destination for people all around the world. arranges the tour for the tourist to explore this wonderful place. 


 This city has the largest Medina topping the charts of places to visit in Morocco. Being the most popular destination to visit, it is a mixture of vibrancy, colors, history that charms all visitors on their visit here. It gives you the feeling of selfishness to explore more of the city with its old towns, tanneries, spices, jewelry, and aroma of food.

To experience its authenticity, go crazy as you shop and stay in the souks and riads, respectively. Sitting at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh has a very bustling nature that gives a vibe of the local life. Lose yourself into a world of vendors, night markets, traditional music and maze pathways and alleys.



Known as the 1200year old Maghreb city, Fes is an ultimate hotspot for culture and tradition since it has been the imperial capital for 400 plus years. In this medieval city, you will be surrounded with century old towns and the famous Merenid tombs that are stunning. Exploring the heart of this city is recommended to be done on foot.

Fes El Bali, as the entire name goes, will have you admiring olden doors and fine work making them the perfect background for photos. However, there are tanneries here that stink, but tourists do not mind the stench. Fes is also an epitome of religion and is recognized by UNESCO for its historical architecture. To visit this amazing architectural monument, book the tour with



A small town by the seaside, Essaouira pays tributes to stars like Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix who used to hang out here, via colorful murals. Blessed with quaint harbor, it is a tiny beautiful coastal town that gives you the hippie vibes dating back to the 70’s.

Explore the stately fort, colorful fishing boats, red-blue painted houses, and minor lanes of this old town. Located along the Atlantic coast of Morocco, this town boasts of kitesurfing and best quality of seafood in the restaurants. Every June, this seaside town hosts the 3day Gnaoua World Music Festival. Do not forget to explore the town’s ramparts.



Rabat is the capital city of Morocco. It is divided into Old Town and New Town. While New Town has shopping areas and open roof bars and cafes, Old Town boasts of traditional souks and marketplaces where you can bargain. It gives a more historical vibe with its painted walls and is quite busy than New Town.

A must see here is Chellah- to explore some stunning ancient Roman ruins with Rabat is present in the heart of the city but in distance, it is miles away from the actual city. Make sure to visit the capital and most popular city of Rabat today and marvel at its tranquil beaches, palaces, and museums.



This city is popularly known as the blue city of Morocco located in the Rif Mountains. All the houses here are painted in a blue color giving a surreal feeling, not only to photographers and artists but to one and all. You can view the mountains from every corner in the streets.

The iconic look gives visitors quite a photogenic scene in this large landscape. Roam the alleys of Medina as you take in the unique blue architecture, especially in the Outa el Hammam square. This is a very peaceful town that keeps you away from the bustling life found in the cities.

Here, you also get a  chance upon to visit the local arts, souvenirs and handicrafts and the surrounding hillsides have great opportunities for hiking and even swimming for adventure lovers and they can get it booked at



If you want to find modernity in Morocco, the only place that can offer you that is the city of Casablanca. It is filled with beautiful Moroccan styled buildings, with a touch of French design during the colonial times. The overall Arabic Moroccan style is something worth admiring. Having delicious cuisine and architecture to add to its merits, Casablanca should be on your list of places to visit in Morocco.

The nightlife here is dazzling along with the dining. Easily tour the city with  in a tramway. Do not forget to visit the famous tourist attractions here like Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca Twin Center and the King’s Palace filled with Islamic architecture.



Asilah is a very charming tourist destination because it is filled with vacationers throughout the year. This place showcases its ramparts with Portuguese history dating back to the 15th Asilah is considered as a jewel of Morocco because of its beautiful white painted buildings, lovely coastline, and colorful murals on the city walls.

 It is located to the northern coast of the Atlantic and the seaside beaches are filled with holidaymakers during summer months. In July, musicians and performers arrive here to attend the annual arts festivals and book your tickets to this amazing show with It makes a good destination for a honeymoon. A good visit here is to the famous art gallery named Aplanos.



It is the main passage for entry to those coming from the south of Europe to Africa by sea. The main attractions to see here is the medina, Kasbah museum and Ville Nouvelle, a French inspired scene.

There are many lovely beaches here a little away from the city and from the harbour you can see the Strait of Gibraltar and even Spain from a distance. This city is also home to plenty of bohemian cafes and bars. It has helped to be an inspiration for popular creations like Naked Lunch (William Borroughs) and Sheltering Sky (Paul Bowles).


Dades Valley

This valley runs between the mountain ranges of the High Atlas and Jebel Sarhro offering spectacular scenery views. It is filled with Berber villages which is best traveled to on foot. This valley has cliffs that range from a mild orange to a deep red reaching height as tall as 1500ft high. But the highlight is when you arrive at the amazing Todra Gorge, a 300ft deep split in the valley.

 As you tread on foot, you can stop and take breaks at traditional forts, now which are tuned into luxury hotels. Hiking, trekking and nature with  here is in majority along with bird watching, which is also done here.



Meknes city is home to the Sultan’s mausoleum which is the biggest attraction here. It was the old capital of Morocco during the 17th century when the Sultan ruled. The nature here is quite laidback making it a more relaxed destination for travelers away from the daily hustle.

The main attraction is the Volubilis, partly excavated ruins of the Roman city, capital of ancient Mauretania. It is fascinating to watch these ruins and should not be missed by none, especially history lovers. This imperial city in the north is very charming because of its medina with souks filled with carvings and architecture. There is other must visit attractions here like the Royal Stables, Bab Mansour Gate and Museum of Moroccan Art, also called Dar Jamai.


When you choose to visit Morocco do not forget to book the tour with  to get the experience of the lifetime to treasure upon.